Planning Permission

You can build a large single storey rear extension without applying for planning permission to your local council (Larger Home Extension Scheme).

Under permitted development, you can extend up to 8 metres (detached house), or 6 metres (other than a detached house), subject to conditions set out in Class A, Part 1, Schedule 2 of The Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) Order 2015.

This right was for a limited time only, however it has now been made available with no time limit.

You can build a larger single storey rear extension without applying for planning permission...

Prior Approval Notification (neighbour consultation scheme)

To take advantage of this permitted development right, you would need to go through a process known as prior approval notification, which is a similar process to submitting a planning application. The application would need to demonstrate the dimensions of the proposed development on an indicative plan. The council will notify neighbours of the scheme allowing 21 days for comments. If any comments are received, a view will be taken as to whether there is any adverse impact on the amenity of the neighbouring properties. A decision must be made within 42 days, and should the Council fail to make a determination, it would be deemed acceptable. If it is refused, the applicant may appeal the decision.

It’s important to note, that the rules do not apply if:

  • It is within the Conservation Area
  • It exceeds 4 metres in height
  • If the development has already commenced, been partially built or completed