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With our in-depth knowledge and experience within the planning sector and Local Authorities across the country, our team of experts will ensure you have everything you need.

Our team consists of highly qualified planning law specialists, former senior planning officers and architects, with many years of experience, network and insights between them.

Chartered Planning Officers

Ensure they understand your needs and find the best way to get approval for your application.


Specialise in drawing architectural plans using advanced programs to make sure your build is correct.


Focus on the legitimacy of the application, ensuring compliance with planning law.

Trusted Builders

If you want to go a step further, we can put you in touch with our trusted partners.


We will carry out a survey to make sure we get planning permission in the first instance.


We will create an architectural drawing plan of your proposal for the planning application.


The final step, we will submit the planning application to your local Council.
Planning Advice


A brief assessment looking at your proposal and the possible options available according to the likely view of your Council.




Householder Development


A pre-site assessment, survey, drawing plans and submission of a planning application to your Council.




Commercial Development

Full Application

A pre-site assessment, survey, drawing plans and submission of a planning application to your Council.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Planning Pros offer?

We provide services for three types of application:

  1. Pre-Assessment – This application is to give you an idea of how the Council may assess your proposal and whether it would be likely to get planning permission.
  2. Application – This application involves a pre-assessment which is completed prior to the survey. The assessment looks at any constraints within the site and local area. The survey provides essential information to the planning officer and architects to prepare the best proposal to the Council. The application is prepared and submitted along with drawing plans, seeking planning permission for your proposal.
  3. Certificate of Lawfulness – this application provides a formal determination from the Council to approve works which fall under permitted development.

Why do I need planning permission?

In order for the Government to control development, developers must seek permission from their Local Authority. Without planning permission, the Council may lead to considering formal enforcement action which could result in fine or removal of unauthorised works.

What is permitted development?

Permitted development is planning permission which Parliament has granted permission, subject to condition and limitations as set out in Legislation.

Are you qualified?

Yes, all our Planning Officers have Local Authority experience and knowledge, which will help to ensure we submit the best proposal to the Council.

How long does it take?

The preparation of the application can take upto 3 weeks. This process requires a survey that can be carried out within 5 working days. We then have our architectural designers draw up plans which can take approximately 10 working days. Finally we prepare the  application along with drawing plans to submit to the Local Authority. The Local Authorities take up to a statutory lead time of 8-12 weeks for an application to be determined.

Can you guarantee granted planning permission?

We will ensure that we propose the best possible option for the Council to grant planning permission using our expertise within Local Authority.

Planning permission can be refused, and in such instances we can re-submit an alternative solution. There may be additional charges involved, which we will notify you of in advance.